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Bows, Arrows and other equipment

Forest BowmenThe club is well stocked with equipment for use at events and for use by trainees. We provide advice on the purchase of equipment and many of our members are skilled in the making of archery tackle, such as longbows, arrows and leather goods for sale to members. We are all more than happy to help those who wish to have an attempt at making their own.

We are often able to offer second-hand equipment suitable for novice and experienced archers.

We would also recommend clothing and footwear suitable for walking in woodlands, eg. sturdy boots, full length trousers/jeans, etc. Padded jackets are generally unsuitable as they interfere with shooting. It doesn't have to be expensive, so come along and talk to us to find out more about how to enjoy this friendly social sport.

Typically we would recommend the following:
• Bow
• 6 arrows minimum
• Quiver
• Sturdy knife or screwdriver for removal of arrows from wood. (Yes, we do sometimes miss the targets)
• Finger tab or shooting glove
• Bracer (arm guard)

Suppliers we use are:
Custom Built Archery
KG Archery
Merlin Archery Centre
Bullseye Archery
Quick's Archery
Forest Bowmen

The club
is situated at
Exhibition Plantation
Long Lane
(just off Codnor Road)
Codnor and Riddings.

Forest Bowmen
The club is a member
of the Association of
Field Archery Clubs

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