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What is Field Archery?

Forest BowmenMany people when considering archery will think of the type seen on the Olympics where the archers shoot on flat open ground over a known distance at targets of coloured rings. This is known as Target Archery.

Field Archery is different in that the archers shoot around a course of many targets, usually in a woodland type setting and over distances which are not specified. Generally it is permissible to shoot any type or class of bow, but sorry, we do not allow the use of crossbows.

The targets in Field Archery are animal pictures and can be anything from squirrels and rabbits, to big game such as bears and elephants. I should stress that we do not shoot real animals.

Field Archery is a suitable sport for old and young alike. It is also suitable for people with limitations, as long as they are able to negotiate the terrain of the woodland, though we would still encourage members of any ability to come and try the sport as we can frequently modify things to allow everyone to get pleasure from the sport in some way.

Forest Bowmen

The club
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Exhibition Plantation
Long Lane
(just off Codnor Road)
Codnor and Riddings.
Forest Bowmen
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Forest Bowmen

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