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Software Projects

ticol.gif (1129 bytes) Ticol Tcl Interpreter

What this Project is About

This is a hobby project to write a functional Tcl interpreter for my own day-to-day use and with certain pratical limiations. These are; no threading (other than experimental) and no Unicode support (as I really don't need it). The goal was to make as small a possible exe footprint, have additional plugin module support built into the language and re-use a large library of existing ANSI code. It isn't intended as an alternative to the excellent ActiveState Tcl. The project is based on Salvatore Sanfilippo's 500-line "Picol" Tcl interpreter.  The final project weighs in at around 200 Kb as a fully functioning Tcl interpreter and with around 20 additional plugin DLLs

Ticol and this help file is Copyright (C) to M Shaw 2015-2017
All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) 2007-2016, Salvatore Sanfilippo <antirez at gmail dot com>
All rights reserved.

See : "Ticol Copyright and BSD Licence" and LICENCE.TXT in the documentation and distribution


The HTML and RTF documentation is generated by the interpreter itself using a Tcl script and which shows the capabilities of syntax highlighting and handling moderately large amounts of data quite quickly

Ticol Manual (HTML)

Ticol Manual (RTF)

Ticol Manual (TXT)

Binaries (Virus scan all downloads and read the licence terms before use)

Compiled exe file <pending>

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Utilities <pending>