Welcome to our Virtual Rehab Unit and Drop-In Centre
for all you sad under-achievers who have ended up
in the puke-encrusted rat-infested gutter
of UFO obsession.

The good news is... you are not alone.
The bad news is... that makes it rather crowded in here.

Ugly Fans Online
At the annual "Last Of The Summer Wine" reunion in Holmfirth,
Compo and his pals reminisce fondly about Nora Batttttty's wrinkled stockings.
Noooo, of course not! This is Don, Glen, Russ, Derek and Guy having a brew before the Picturedrome gig.

Meanwhile, Russ's daughter Megan (below) tries to blag a day off school
by introducing her teachers to the best live album ever produced!

Ugly Fans Online

Ugly Fans Online
And here... AXE and SKID in a slightly more up-to-date photo

Ugly Fans Online
And this kid's Skid's great grand-daughter.
Nah, of course he's not a great-grandad! But he's a great grandad!
Confused? Adalyn doesn't care. She's just getting tired hanging around.

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