Welcome to our Virtual Rehab Unit and Drop-In Centre
for all you sad under-achievers who have ended up
in the puke-encrusted rat-infested gutter
of UFO obsession.

The good news is... you are not alone.
The bad news is... that makes it rather crowded in here.

Some thoughts below from SITN forum members

"I never met tOdd but I always loved his intensity, speed and ability to wear you down with his own special craziness.
Each comment seemed to come from nowhere and go there and back too but at the same time had a resonance with me.
I shall miss his presence and special spirit in this small forum that always seems more like a family."

"tOdd was a very unique individual. At first, I skipped over his posts, but after time I actually looked forward
to reading what he had to say. There's no way I could ever come up with the ramblings he wrote.
When I told my wife about him, I just broke into tears. I'll miss him."

"R.I.P. tOdd, respect."

"I'm very sad and sorry to read the news about tOdd. Although his posts were hard to follow
I was never turned off by them.
I got to meet him at the UFO show in Nashville four years ago. He was a real likeable character.
R.I.P. my UFO friend!"

"I am sorry to hear about tOdd. He was a character and no mistake - but who knows what he has experienced?
SITN won't be the same without the keeper of its surreal edge."

"Terrible news... very sad... R.I.P. tOdd"

"I'm very saddened by this news. I guess tOdd is at peace with everything now.
My heart goes out to his loved ones and to the good people of this forum,
a sad loss, but his memory will stay with this forum for sure."

"I read the news late last night of tOdd's passing and awoke this morning with a heavy heart.
We are all different, the cards in life are dealt to us and we all have to adjust the best we can,
depending on the set we receive. What we all seem to have in common is a UFO card, the one which helps us
cope with the daily chores. We all get through good times and bad times with the heart lifting rock music -
not just with the music of UFO, but with other like minded people around the world and in this group.
We are all family and I am so sorry that tOdd is no longer part of this.
My heart goes out to all who were close, we will miss you my friend."

"Damn, I will miss tOdd. He always made me think, and while I knew things weren't right I hoped he'd be
one of the ones to beat it. Quoting a UFO song would be appropriate, but right now
'Shine On You Crazy Diamond' is playing in my head... R.I.P. darlin'. Hugs."

"Really sorry to hear this news, itís truly awful, R.I.P. tOdd. Count your blessings folks."

"All in all what can one say other than I think it's safe to say WE ARE ALL VERY SORRY THIS HAPPENED.
I hope tOdd is at peace now and in a better place and his suffering is over."

"I, too will miss tOdd. It was obvious he had his demons. While it was often difficult
to catch whatever point he was trying to make, he was generally entertaining. And frequently pretty funny.
Ms. Battttt, any chance you could pass his story along to Phil,
and perhaps he could write some lyrics to immortalize our enigmatic friend?"

"Sad news indeed, I sincerely hope he found what he needed. Keep on rockin' tOdd."

"To me tOdd was a person that always bootlegged my band shows and left them on my windowsill...
he was the paraplegic that never missed a show... he was the kid at all our practices...
he was the 78 year young anniversary couple that asked for a Candlebox song...
tOdd was the madness of Rock and Roll!!! I love Him for it!!"

"I'm really sorry to hear this. Anybody that ever read one of his posts would know that he wasn't all there,
but at the same time he never said anything nasty or mean. He was one of the all-time champion ramblers,
with some of the craziest diatribes ever written. More important than any of that, though,
was that he was one of us. He was family. I hope that being here in this group made his ordeal on this earth
more bearable. As somebody who has had to fight my way through some horrible depression,
I know how easy it is to reach one's tipping point. May he rest in peace."

"It was very sad to read about tOdd today. I always knew he was a little out there,
but I had no idea it was that close to the edge. You can rest now tOdd, godspeed.

"...all of us here at SITN are a family and it is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to tOdd.
Yes his posts were a little extreme and I would say to myself. "Damn, what is he talking about?"
LOL... all in jest of course, but all in all I liked him and very taken back by his sudden death.
Long live tOdd and God Bless."

"Sad to hear abut tOdd."

"I think his ability to post here without too much crap was helpful. R.I.P. tOdd.
Your posts always kept me from those "overly serious" moments in life. I will miss them."

"Perhaps it was his safe place to VENT and a great place to ROCK - no doubt he enjoyed his MUSIC
and appreciated his FRIENDSHIPS. R.I.P. & Ramble On tOdd!

"I've lost count of the amount of people I've known/nursed with tOdd's illness who have taken their own lives.
It robs people of their lives and their potential to live life to the full.
At least tOdd found some way of connecting to the things he loved, in our case SITN.
And in some style too. Cats, merch ladies, quite often UFO, sometimes everything and everyone
bundled together into one big stream-of-consciousness stew but always interspersed with
these... lots... of... them... always... three... dots. Unique. I will miss him and his posts and our e-mails."

"Requiescat in pace tOdd."

"I'm glad I was able to meet tOdd back in 2003 when he flew to NY to catch the MSG show on Long Island.
I got this shot with tOdd and fellow SITNners Ed and Tom that night.
Things won't be the same without you, tOdd. Rest in Peace, dear UFO brother."

tOdd and friends at an MSG gig
R.I.P. tOdd (2nd from the right in this photo)
And yes, of course his name was really 'Todd', but we called him 'tOdd' -
he loved that and went happily along with it.

tOdd's best pal Terry sums it up...
"It is a lonely place without my good friend, he was the most honest person that I ever knew"